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Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellows

Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellow Katherine Baker


Katherine Baker is a public health researcher interested in the intersections of nutrition and climate change. She currently focuses on finding successful solutions to encourage sustainable and equitable food systems.

Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellow David Bañuelas


As a Sustainability Fellow at USC, David will incorporate metagenomic data to enhance models predicting sea level rise impacts in Southern California. To accomplish his research goals at USC, he will use an interdisciplinary approach combining biology and engineering.

Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellow Matthew Coopilton


Matthew Coopilton (formerly Hamilton) studies and designs critical climate change educational activities featuring play, game design, digital literacies, and worldbuilding; their goal is to support learners in imagining, prototyping, and rehearsing sustainable futures free from systemic oppression. 

Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellow Zhongzheng Niu


As an epidemiologist, Zhongzheng “Jason” Niu uses a life course framework to study the cardiometabolic health risk and biological aging process in association with environmental exposures such as air pollution and heatwave.

Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellow Anna Vinton


Affiliated Fellows

Affiliate fellow Aitor Marcos Diaz poses for a photograph.


Aitor is a behavioral-ecological economist investigating demand-side solutions for climate change mitigation. His research interests lie in how citizens, both as economic agents and political subjects, interact with climate solutions.

Affiliate fellow Florence Lee poses for a photograph.


Affiliate fellow Jayme Lewthwaite poses for a photograph.


Affiliate fellow Connie Valencia poses for a photograph.