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Five circular headshots of Sustainability Solutions Fellows surrounding the Assignment: Earth logo

Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellowship

The Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellowship program plays a central role in USC’s Assignment: Earth framework by preparing the next generation of sustainability scholars, incubating and guiding their ambitious interdisciplinary research efforts, and catalyzing a diverse and engaged community of scholars at USC. It serves specific ends for research and career development while supporting a budding social movement around interdisciplinary sustainability solutions scholarship at USC. This postdoctoral program reflects our institutional ambition, commitment and solutions-oriented approach to addressing the broad areas of sustainability, environmental justice and climate change.

Postdocs have two years of financial support to pursue their own interdisciplinary sustainability solutions research with active mentorship from two USC faculty in different departments, while dedicating roughly 20% of their time to interdisciplinary exchange, collaboration and skill development with their cohort and the broader USC sustainability community. This unique combination supports not only visionary work and integrated career development, but meaningful engagement for scholars across USC, thus enabling the fellows to scale their impact into a true multiplier effect. 

In welcoming these emerging scholars to USC, we not only celebrate innovative ideas, but create an unparalleled opportunity to foster interaction and collaboration across disciplines, foci and career stages. This novel approach helps to advance the entire Assignment: Earth framework while supporting broader understanding of and participation in it. 

Latest Sustainability News

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The USC study also suggests that prenatal depression, with disrupted immune and hormonal functions, could make the case worse.

First Sustainability Solutions cohort begins research

Five postdoctoral fellows are researching an array of environmental issues from rising sea levels to how air pollution and heat waves affect pregnancy.

Image of five Sustainability Solutions Fellows

USC’s first Sustainability Solutions postdocs help shape a greener future

USC’s first cohort of Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellows has arrived on campus, ready to take on the planet’s multiple environmental crises through interdisciplinary research.